Baby Show Time supports Kids With Cancer Foundation Australia, Baby Show Time Kids, and our community.

Kids With Cancer Foundation Australia

Baby Show Time have been raising funds for Kids With Cancer Foundation Australia for the last 5 years. We have received 3 awards in support of Kids With Cancer Foundation and are now in the Platinum Supporters Club.

Kids With Cancer Foundation donates directly to families who have a child touched by cancer, and to Australian hospitals. After 22 years of operation KWCF is the most diverse cancer charity available, aiming to ease the suffering of children now! They also fund research, salaries of social workers and clinicians, specialised equipment, respite care and bereavement and funeral assistance.

Cancer families must travel to a major city children’s hospital to have their child treated for cancer and the cost can cripple a family’s available income over this treatment period, which is at the least months and usually years. Many children require full-time care and expensive equipment to ensure they’re as comfortable as possible.

Donate Now

100% of funds donated to KWCF, go directly to the families and organisations most in need. KWCF promise that no donated funds go to management fees, salaries or any running costs of the Foundation.

You can donate directly to KWCF by contacting us here
Or on their website –
Mention Baby Show Time for your donation to be added to our total funds raised!

Kids With Cancer Foundation have achieved so much and we have been so grateful to assist them.

  • Millions of dollars donated directly to families
  • Patron founders of the Children’s Cancer Centre at Monash Children’s Hospital in Melbourne
  • Funding the salaries of two social workers at Bear’s Cottage in Sydney – a home for terminally ill children and their families
  • Millions of dollars raised for most major hospitals throughout Australia!

Baby Show Time Kids

We support and share in the journeys of very special children and their families. This includes children who are suffering, or who have parents suffering with cancers and other terminal illnesses.

These special children are our Baby Show Time Kids. Seperate to our donations to Kids With Cancer Foundation, we raise funds to assist in the costs of treatment and life’s expenses while the families are unable to work. You can learn more about their journeys by following our Facebook page here.

Our community allowed beautiful Bobbi (top photo) to spend her last months having quality time with her family before she grew her wings. We also raised over $12,500 for Nixon (pictured right) to help fund life saving treatment in New York.
We’ve also assisted with funeral expenses, and donated thousands to cancer patients in our community including beautiful little girls Amy and Kenzie.

Please note that these donations are in addition to our Kids With Cancer Foundation donations.

If there is a special child you would like to donate to, or you know someone who needs our support, please contact us here.

Baby Show Time Community

Baby Show Time support our BST community by donating  and gifting shows, competitions and merchandise to families who need a bit of love in their lives and can’t otherwise afford to enter our events. If you would like to donate a show to a family please contact us here.

It’s important to note that due to the exponential growth of Baby Show Time, we no longer operate as a not for profit organisation.  All funds raised at Baby Show Time events are divided between Kids With Cancer Foundation, other charitable donations, running costs, and the wages of our event organisers. We thank you for understanding.