What competitions does Baby Show Time offer?

Baby Show Time operate in several different ways.
We run novelty baby shows in person at many locations throughout Australia for children aged 0-12 years.
We run online shows open to everyone unless otherwise specified.
We run Facebook photo competitions daily online open to everyone!
We run Royalty and State Finals events for the children who have qualified to enter at a previous event.
At times, we also offer online shows and competitions for adults.

Who can enter your shows and competitions?

We have something for everyone!
Our in person shows are for all children aged 0-12 years, and are our standard online shows are open age.
We offer events for adults as well from time to time.
If you can’t find something to suit you, please contact us here.

Do I have to reside within Australia to enter?

If you are not located within Australia and would like to enter a show or purchase a product, please contact us here.
You are welcome to enter or purchase from Baby Show Time, though additional postage fees may apply.

How do I register for a baby show?

You must register prior to the baby show you wish to attend by submitting your details here.
All details will be emailed to you following your registration.

How do I enter an online show?

You may enter by submitting your details, payment and images here.

How do I enter a photo competition?

You may enter by submitting your details, payment and image here.

How much does an in person baby show cost?

It costs $12 to register your child for a baby show which entitles your child entry into our King or Queen division.
All additional novelty sections are a donation of $5 each per child. You may enter as many or as few sections as you like.
If you are choosing to enter every novelty section on the day, you may prepay for this for $95 upon sign in – saving you and average of $20!
All payments to be made on the day of the show. Eftpos is available.
Should you be entering some novelty sections but not all, we ask that you prepay where possible upon sign in.
To register for an upcoming show, click here.

How much does an online show cost?

An online show is $95 per child which includes entry into every novelty section and postage of prizes Australia wide.
Online shows are paid for in advance using your paypal or credit card.
Some of our larger specialty shows may be an additional cost.
To book an online show, click here.

How much does a photo competition cost?

A photo competition is $10 per photo. You may enter as many photos as you like!
To enter a photo competition, click here.

Do you trade under any other name or associate with other businesses?

Absolutely not. Our trading names are Baby Show Time, Showtime Trophies and Showtime Boutique.
We are not at all associated with any other baby shows and never will be. If you believe you or someone you know is being scammed by another show organisation, please contact us immediately here.

What should my child wear to an in person show?

Baby Show Time has introduced a new dress code for all standard shows.
While pageantry is increasing in popularity, we’d like to take steps to disassociate our novelty baby shows with the pageants, to include as many families as possible.
While we won’t be banning styles, we would like to discourage our beautiful girls from wearing cupcake, glitz, pageant style dresses and high heels, and encourage formalwear, party dresses and creativity!
At this stage we love how our boys dress, whether that’s a suit, something handmade, or just your favourite outfit! For our boys we will just be discouraging over the top bling and accessories.
Going forward, the judging of high titles and best dressed categories will reflect these changes and high titles won’t be so heavily judged by clothing.
We will be looking for personality, X-factor, overall cuteness, and well coordinated, clean, complete outfits.
For State Finals, and Royalty Shows, you may bling to your heart’s content at these events only! Ballgowns, pageant wear and glitz will be accepted.
Fake tan and make up are NOT allowed, and heels are strongly discouraged. Nudity and revealing clothing is not allowed.
Head to our gallery to see how children dress!

What should my child wear to an online show?

This depends on the type of show you have entered.
Our Casual Cuteness shows require casual wear. We will be looking for nice, neat, clean clothing that your child might wear out to dinner, to a birthday party or to a photoshoot. High titles will not at all be judged on outfit for this show.
Our standard baby shows request pretty dresses or cute outfits for girls, and smart casual outfits for boys
Our Dressed to Impress shows and specialty shows request your best outfits. Ballgowns, pageant wear and bling will all be accepted.
Tan and make up must not be worn.
To see how children dress, please head over to the videos tab on our Facebook page here to see past shows.

What type of photo are you looking for, for online shows?

Please ensure your photo is 6×8 (3×4) dimensions.
We are looking for bright, sharp images with clean backgrounds and nice light. Whether that’s outdoors using nature as the background or inside with a plain wall. We recommend at least 1 close up or half body shot, and 1 full body shot for best results. We love creativity and certainly don’t require professional photos though we do allow them.
Please view our past shows here for more information!

What type of photo are you looking for, for photo competitions?

A photo that suits that particular category. Please view our videos tab on Facebook  here and look at previous winners of similar categories if you are unsure what’s required.
We are looking for clean, bright, sharp images, of any dimensions.

Why do we register for in person shows? Can’t we just show up?

We ask that you register as it gives us an idea on how many children we will have entering the show.
This helps us have enough trophies, ribbons and seating. All of those who register have the chance to win prizes throughout the show.
If you will not be attending an event, please contact us here to cancel your registration.

How many novelty sections/categories are there?

There are approximately 23 novelty sections each child can enter for in person shows, and anywhere from 20-70 sections for online shows.
Larger shows will include extra novelty sections and smaller shows may result in removed categories.

Are there any rules?

Yes – we will not accept any child who is wearing make-up, fake tan, revealing clothing, nudity or politically incorrect or controversial attire. We will also not accept photos containing any of the above.
This is a novelty baby show, not a beauty pageant so it’s important to dress your child appropriately.
Please note that online competition entries have to adhere to strict Facebook guidelines and we may reject a photo we deem a breech or inappropriate.
Bullying, abuse, inappropriate language, slander, competitiveness, and negativity directed towards any other family or staff member will NOT be tolerated, online or in person.
This will result in an immediate ban every time!
Remember we are here to have fun!

What time does a baby show start?

In person shows begin at 11am and generally finish around 2-2.30pm. Shows with a high number of entrants will run overtime.
Online shows begin at 8pm and run approximately 1-2 hours unless otherwise specified.

What time does sign in start for a show?

Sign in begins at 10.30am. We ask that you arrive by 10.45am at the latest.

When a show is in a shopping centre, where exactly will you be?

As we often visit new centres we don’t always know where in the centre we will be. We advise you call the centre and ask centre management.

What charity does Baby Show Time support?

We support Kids With Cancer Foundation Australia and Baby Show Time families. For more information please visit our charity page here.

Can I enter more than one child?

Yes you can enter more than 1 child, the entry fee is payable per child.
Please fill out a separate registration form online for each child.

Will you be doing shows in my area?

We would love to do a show in your area so please let us know via our contact page where you would like us to do a show and we will look to see if it’s possible.
If we do not currently service your area, please enjoy our online competitions as they are for all locations.

What sort of photograph do I need to bring for Picture Perfect?

Picture Perfect is a free category for in-person shows.
Any photo that you love of your baby or child from any age, as long as it’s your child who has entered the show. The photo needs to be printed and brought to the show. We do not accept digital photos.

What can my child win at a show?

Trophies, sashes, ribbons, medals, prizes, tiaras, and crowns! Our highest title of the day King or Queen. Our highest title of the year- Child of the Year.
If you are entering into a model search show, it’s very possible your child could win a 12 month modelling contract!
We also give away toys and other gifts!

Do you have Facebook or Instagram?

Yes – check out our Facebook here and our Instagram here.

Will you be posting photos of the show online?

We post photos from our shows on Facebook, and potentially on our website and our Instagram. We endeavour to post these as soon as possible and usually have them uploaded within 24 hours of the show’s completion.

How many shows am I allowed to enter?

You are welcome to attend as many shows as you like in any area. We appreciate your support!

How can I donate to Kids With Cancer Foundation or a Baby Show Time family directly?

You can donate directly to us for them, you can donate to Kids With Cancer Foundation via their website, or you can donate to our families through their GoFundMe if available. Please visit our charity page here.

Do you have a list of all shows coming up?

Yes, you can view all upcoming shows on our website here. We will continue to update show dates and locations weekly.

What age does my child need to be?

In person shows:
Newborn to 12 years. Once they turn 13 they will no longer be able to enter our standard shows.
Online Shows:
Open age.
Please keep an eye out for adult shows!

What states do you hold shows in?

Currently we are in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Please let us know if you would like a show in your area, or enjoy our online shows!

How do I contact the organisers of Baby Show Time?

Please send an email via the contact us page here.

How long has Baby Show Time been operating?

Baby Show Time is 7 years old, making us one of the longest running Baby Show organisations! We have ran almost 1500 events in this time!

Who runs Baby Show Time?

Since day 1, 7 years ago, Baby Show Time is operated by husband and wife team – Jayne and Tony.
Our team also includes Kimberley with 6 years experience in all aspects of BST and started as a Baby Show Time Mum, Mary Sue who looks after our admin, and many other casual team members who assist with judging and admin.

Where do you ship online prizes and products from?

We are located in Melbourne, Australia and dispatch everything from this location.

How are online prizes and products shipped?

We use a combination of Australia Post and courier services to ensure the safest and quickest delivery of your prizes and products.

How long does it take to receive an online prize or product?

We ship all prizes within 2 weeks of the competition you entered.
We ship all products purchased within 14 business days of your order.
Our shipping methods include Express Post, Australia Post and Courier Services. Due to current delays we are unable to determine a time of arrival.

What does delivery of online prizes and products cost?

All prizes are shipped free of charge within Australia.
Postage for product orders under $100 is $9.95 Australia wide.
Postage for product orders over $100 is free of charge Australia wide.
If you reside outside of Australia, and wish to enter a competition or purchase a product, please contact us here for shipping costs.

There was a problem with my order or prizes. What do I do?

If you’ve received incorrect or damaged goods, please contact us here.
If you would like to exchange an item, please read our returns policy here.