• Bec Marmo
    "I went to Baby Showtime with my little girl from when she was 3 months, right up to 2 years. She has won a heap, and they do a wonderful thing. Claire has won Queen, Child of the Year and also a 12 month modelling contract. They do a wonderful job with the kids! All shows are fun and we love going to them. I can not wait for our new baby to arrive so I can show him off to the world and to Jayne and Tony xoxox"
  • Maddison and Riley
    "Baby Show Time are always so fair! A lot of time and effort put in by all involved, with quality ribbons and trophies. Have made lot of new friends for myself and my son. We love getting out to have a fun day. Thanks!"
  • Love from Harper
    "Baby Showtime have done an amazing job over the last few years raising money for a great cause. It's a great day out to be a part of! Hats off to Jayne and Tony on all your efforts"
  • Bettyanne and Charlie
    Baby Show Time is always fun to go to, and the money raised helps sick kids so that's just even more amazing. My son Charlie loves to go and meet all the other beautiful children. Xx
  • Kim and Amanda
    "Baby Show Time are a friendly organisation who have gone to great efforts to raise money for kids with cancer. We love being part of their shows. My daughter has made many friends and has grown in confidence since attending her first show. Such an enjoyable day for a worthy cause. Thanks!"
  • Olivia and Gordon
    "Baby Showtime are friendly, approachable and positive, with proceeds going to charity to help fight cancer. Your child has an entertaining day with great music, playing, dancing, novelties and most of all FUN. Trophies are quality and impressive in design and will give your child a strong sense of pride and feelings of achievement. Plus being amazing to look back on years later. Your child will gain self-confidence and as a parent you meet other genuine parents and great friendships that last." I recommend Baby Showtime.
  • Neisha Barry
    "Kenzie, Zane and I love coming to Baby Showtime shows! Not only does the money go to a great cause but it is a great chance for my babies to interact with other babies. I also love seeing all the other beautiful babies and children at the shows. So much fun! Thanks Baby Showtime!"
  • Melissa and Hastin
    "Baby Show Time 'Rock'! They do amazing things for the charity Kids with Cancer Foundation and the baby shows we have been have been so much fun, my little boy love you guys!"
  • Kelly and Megan
    "Megan loves going to Baby Show Time! It's always awesome, kids all have a ball, and Jayne and Tony do such an amazing job running the show."
  • Ayla Khan and Tamara
    "Have taken my two down to Baby Show Time and not only did I have a good day, my 3 year old loved it! The judges are great and are doing such a great job to help those with cancer. I recommend Baby Show Time to all my family and friends in different areas as I know it’s a lot of fun and for a great charity. Thanks!"
  • Rachel and Siennah Warren
    Baby Show Time have raised a lot of money for very sick children who have cancer. They just keep giving and giving to these sick children and they travel all around state to raise money for these children. My little girl has been to so many shows. We also have travelled a fair way to go to diff shows to help sick kids. My daughter is now 5 years old and she just loves the shows and she knows where the money goes to which makes her so happy.